Bespoke Whisky Casks

To make a special occasion even more unique we can provide small casks of whisky designed just for for you that will be one-off creations to never be repeated. These new oak casks come in 1 litre, 2 litre or 5 litre sizes and can be filled with a whisky or spirit of your choice that will have been matured in the cask prior to the tasting. We can supply one special cask to be tasted amongst other 'standard' whiskies or for the most exclusive event why not taste 5 whiskies all from individual and bespoke casks.


Design your cask

Design the spirit

Once the cask has been seasoned it will be emptied in preparation for the spirit of your choice. We can use single cask single malt whiskies, single cask grain whiskies, new make spirit or a whisky of your choice. Have you ever wondered how your favourite malt would taste had it been matured in an Irn Bru cask? These unique opportunities allow us to play with flavour in ways that is not possible on a commercial scale and offer your guests a once-in-a-lifetime experience. After the tasting we can arrange for you to keep the cask along with any remaining contents, making a superb gift or wedding present.

Most Scotch whisky is matured in casks that have previously held another liquid such as Bourbon, Sherry, Port or wine so the wood can absorb some of the flavour to season the cask. The exciting opportunity we offer is to use less traditional drinks to season the cask and then fill the cask with whisky to imbibe some of that flavour alongside the wood character. Pick flavours to suit your event or allow us to create unique sensations such as our own ex-spiced rum casks, ex-ginger wine casks or even ex-Irn Bru casks. Each cask will give a distinctive flavour to the whisky that will never be repeated.


Book in advance

Obviously to season the casks and mature the whisky prior to the tasting will take time. If you are interested in one of these distinctive experiences we normally require at least 2 months notice. Such small casks allow for far greater wood contact than a standard cask of 250 litres so the spirit inside will mature at an accelerated rate. The longer the notice period the longer we can mature the whisky, however we normally have a selection of casks that have been maturing for some time.