Gin Tastings

Gin Tastings and cocktails

The juniper driven delights of gins bring their own distinct character to the table that is a refreshing tease on the tongue if the power of whisky is a little overbearing. Citrus oils and spices combine with a plethora of exotic and obscure ingredients to form the wide variety of gin brands available for enjoyment today.

The relative simplicity of gins provides a perfect platform to explore flavour. As a spirit flavoured with ingredients it is much easier to search for those flavours on the nose and on the tongue as opposed to whisky where the flavours are created through complex chemical and biological reactions.

The Whiskybosh Gin Tasting Experience is one of discovery and amusement. A sophisticated journey through times gone by all the way to the present day. Far from simply showcasing the simple Gin & Tonic, our gin tastings highlight the diversity of gin from surprising martinis to our explosive take on the French 75. Fun and entertainment are around every turn with themes ranging from afternoon high tea to a banquet with the Raj.

Gin ingredients

Like our whisky tastings, our gin events are truly unique and are created to meet your own particular tastes. We can provide two formats for our gin tastings; Tutored Tastings and Flavour Stations.

Tutored Gin Tastings

Designed to compliment formal dinners and seated functions our Tutored Gin Tastings are delightfully entertaining and engaging. Full of fascinating sensory science and stories, our tastings create a captivating and social ambience designed to stimulate and entertain the guests. For groups of 2 upwards these are memorable and imaginative events that often spark new interests in gin and flavour. Our most popular formats include either 3 or 5 gins that can be paired with a dinner either in their purest form as as part of imaginative cocktails.

Gin Flavour Stations

Contrary to common belief not everyone loves gin. To please the palates of guests with different tastes and for large social functions such as wedding receptions or corporate events we offer our Gin Flavour Stations. Rather than a seated tasting this format provides guests with the freedom to approach our Gin Flavour Stations at their leisure to tantalize their senses with a variety of gins and surprising cocktails. We offer single stations or multiple stations, each with a different theme to suit the occasion and to compliment the overall theme.

To find out more about our gin tastings and to discuss your ideas and needs, no matter how wild they are, we would be delighted to hear from you and you can contact us here.

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Other tasting events

Looking for something other than whisky or an event featuring a variety of drinks? We have the knowledge and the passion to host exciting tastings that incorporate some of our other favourite tipples. How about an around the world taste of rums, including Scottish rum? A voyage through the varied variations of vodka? Or even a foray into the flavour sensation that is Sherry?

We are infatuated with flamboyant flavours and have made it our mission to bring this world of sensory excitement to you. We use drinks from around the world to help others engage with their senses. We find the relative simplicity of gin and vodka a fantastic tool for this purpose. Whatever your passion in life is we can create an unforgettable flavour experience to enrich your event.

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