"I think that what we see has a far more profound effect on what we "taste" than any of us realise"

Charles Spence

Whisky and Flavour

Our appreciation of flavour is far more comprehensive than the traditional approach of smell-the-whisky, drink-the-whisky. Flavour is constructed by our brains from the information provided by our senses as a cohesive whole. As the saying goes "we taste with our eyes", there is far more at work than simply the nose and tongue. Through this understanding we bring interactive and exciting elements to our events that stimulate the senses of hearing, touch and sight to help to understand the spirit in the glass. Our unique approach helps to make whisky appreciation a far more fun and engaging process by simplifying the complexity of the flavours. For more in-depth information about our view of the tasting process please take a look at our articles page.

Ardbeg whisky distillery on Islay, Scotland

Our Mission

We established Whiskybosh to make whisky appreciation as accessible as possible, devoid of any barriers or judgements that restrict our expression of flavour. Our unbiased attitude is designed to promote whisky as an approachable, versatile and dynamic sensory adventure that can be enjoyed by all regardless of gender, age or nationality. Through removing pretentious and pompous attitudes that often hide behind complex adjectives we aim to create an interactive atmosphere that offers people the freedom to discover flavour for themselves. By approaching the tasting process from a perspective that includes all of the senses as a cohesive whole, we hope to enrich peoples lives by helping them to reconnect with their senses in a world of regular over-stimulation.

By making whisky appreciation accessible to all we hope to share our passion and unlock the mysteries within the glass. In what is still a male dominated industry we feel it is important to make whisky an approachable drink for everyone and one that does not include the prejudice attitudes of the past.

Whisky tastings in Scotland