Wedding Day Whisky Casks

What could be more exclusive and more Scottish than your own personalised Whisky Casks created especially for you and your wedding day?

Our Wedding Day Whisky Casks provide a one-of-a-kind experience to perfectly complement the perfect couple and share a personal story amongst your guests.

Designer whisky casks for weddings

A bit of background…

Whisky takes 60% or more of its flavour from the oak cask it which it matures and 100% of it’s colour. For this reason a whisky cask plays a huge role in the flavour of whisky. Some casks are flavoured before whisky is filled into them such as Sherry casks, Port casks and Rum casks to contribute additional nuances of character. Smaller casks add flavour to whisky faster than larger casks so a 3 litre cask will add as much colour over 6 months as a 250 litre cask over 10 years. Each cask is also unique, producing a whisky that will never be repeated in quite the same way. For more detailed information please see our How is Whisky Made guide.

About our Wedding Day Casks

Our Wedding Day Whisky Casks are small new American oak casks ranging in sizes of 1 litre, 2 litres, 3 litres and 5 litres that are flavoured, engraved, decorated and filled with whisky of your choice to represent your wedding in a wonderfully memorable way. Before your whisky is filled into the casks you have the option to fill the casks with spirit that can be flavoured in any way imaginable. Like a sponge the oak of the cask gently absorbs the flavoured spirit over a 4 week period before the cask is emptied. Once emptied, your whisky is then filled into the cask where it will slowly mature and absorb some of the flavour back out of the wood. This creates a truly unique whisky that will be limited to only a few litres in the world and shared exclusively with your guests.

On your wedding day we attractively present the casks to your guests at one of our Flavour Stations for them to sample drams straight-from-the-cask and to share in your own story together. Once the celebrations have finished you have the pleasure of taking the casks home with you, ready to be filled with fresh whisky to live on as a lasting memento.

Every step of the journey, from initial discussions to sharing the casks on your wedding day is a truly bespoke experience that is entirely designed to reflect your own tastes, memories and journey together. From initial consultation to your wedding day we would recommend a timescale of 4 months minimum.

Engraved whisky casks for weddings

How to create your own Wedding Day Cask

Step 1

Get in touch and say hello, we love to hear about wedding plans and flavour ideas. No matter how big, small or off-the-wall, we will be able to offer advice and begin designing a cask or casks around your personal tastes and wishes.

Key questions to consider are:

Roughly how many guests will be drinking whisky?

How many differently flavoured casks would you like?

What type of flavours would you like share with your guests on the wedding day?

As a guide, for a wedding day with 100 guests we would normally expect around 60 guests to enjoy whisky. For this we would budget for 3 to 4 litres of whisky spread across as many or as few casks as you wish. If any whisky remains in the casks once the celebrations have concluded, of course it is your whisky to take home along with the casks themselves.

Step 2

We get to work designing the best way to create your casks and how to incorporate your flavours within the whisky. We can flavour the casks in any way you can imagine, no matter how bizarre. Previous casks have been flavoured with earl grey tea, chocolate and coconut, cherry cola and even Irn Bru. If you are stuck for ideas we have plenty of other suggestions to start the process.

Of course the casks do not have to be flavoured. If you would prefer a virgin oak cask to highlight the purity of the whisky, this will also be a unique and wonderful experience for you and your guests.

We are always delighted to meet in person to discuss ideas and to try different flavours and whiskies so that we can create the perfect casks and whiskies for your wedding day.

Regarding the whiskies to be matured in the casks, the sky really is the limit. We can source whisky from specific distilleries, regions, countries or simply based on your flavour preferences alone. Sometimes it can just be a case of trial and error to settle on your preferred combinations.

Step 3

Once you are happy with the concept of the casks and flavour profiles we begin preparing the casks for the whiskies. We will flavour a spirit or source a particular spirit to flavour the casks if required. The casks then sit and gently absorb the spirit over a period of 4 weeks. The casks are then emptied and filled with the desired whiskies ready for maturation. It takes between 2 and 7 months of maturation to extract the flavours from the oak cask. We carefully monitor the process to ensure that the whisky is at its peak on your wedding day.

Step 4

We have the casks engraved with your chosen message(s) and prepare them for the wedding day. This includes decorating the casks with ribbons and flowers to compliment your wedding theme and to make them look truly attractive.

Step 5

We present the casks on a Flavour Station at your wedding celebration for both you and your guests to enjoy. Our flavour stations are stylishly decorated to match the overall theme and include interactive props such as malted barley, whisky cask staves and miniature whisky stills.

We also provide an engraved whisky glass service for your guests to have their own whisky glass, customised with a message and motif of your choice.

Our Flavour Station can be positioned anywhere of your choice and at any time. Our most popular Flavour Stations are either as part of the wedding reception or during the after dinner celebrations. We will be on hand throughout to pour drams, tell stories and share our expert knowledge in our own entertaining way.

Once the celebrations have concluded your guests can take their whisky glasses home in a gift box and the casks are yours forever… plus any whisky that may be left.