Wedding Events

At Whiskybosh we love marriages and whilst we may not be able to help you find your perfect partner we will have a whisky to partner your perfect day.

A marriage represents a coming together of unique elements, a union worthy of the most magnificent of celebrations. As loved ones join in marriage so too spirit joins with wood to marry in a harmonious relationship we call whisky.

The wedding day is an exclusive celebration with each individual element having been designed to complement the sparkling couple. We design and host a range of events that are both personalised and distinctive to add a little finishing flair to the special wedding day.

Wedding Whisky Tastings

We are experts at designing and hosting a range of different flavour experiences for wedding events and always ensure that we deliver the right experience in the most memorable way. Not limited to whisky, we work with a variety of drinks from rum, gin and vodka to wine, Sherry and Port. We specialise in expressing flavour in new and exciting ways and can theme a tasting to incorporate all manner of interests such as golf, sailing or horse riding.

We can provide a formal sit-down tasting or more informal tastings visiting each table on an individual basis. We understand that not everyone at the wedding will be wishing to be involved in a tasting of whisky or gin for example. For this reason we often recommend one or more of our attractively decorated and thoughtfully themed Whiskybosh Flavour Stations.

Rather than dominate the event for a period of time our Flavour Stations can be positioned in a convenient location to complement the wedding reception or dinner. This allows guests to approach the Flavour Stations at their leisure to be entertained by our flavour experts whilst sampling unique drinks from the Personalised Wedding Casks or other specially selected expressions.


Bespoke Wedding Casks

A unique celebration of people deserves a unique celebration of flavour and our Bespoke Wedding Casks provide a tailor-made experience to perfectly complement the perfect day.

As the name suggests our Bespoke Wedding Casks are unrepeatable expressions of flavour that are created to complement the wedding day. Each finest quality new-American oak cask is attractively decorated in-fitting with the wedding theme and personalised with the names of the soon to be wedded couple or a chosen message as desired.

We take the personalisation of the casks one step further by understanding the flavour preferences of the marrying couple to carefully design casks that will give the whisky unique qualities. Before we fill and mature single malt whisky in the casks we season the wood with another drink to give a tailor-made dimension to the whisky on the wedding day. Virtually any flavour can be used to season the casks; from Irn Bru and Coca Cola to our own spiced rum, wine or even earl grey tea. The choice lies with you and your imagination, we are simply here to offer our in-depth advice on what may be the best options for your casks and whisky.

Our casks are available in a range of sizes from 1 litre to 10 litres and we usually recommend beginning the maturation process between 12 months to 6 months before the wedding day. We take care of the entire process from start to finish and present the casks in any way that is desired, either as part of a tasting on the day (see below), as a wedding gift or to compliment the wedding reception.

The casks will be forever yours as a unique reminder of an amazing day to either fill with more whisky or to keep in a special place. Not limited to purely whisky we can mature virtually any spirit that is desired. We do however always use the finest spirits available and any whiskies, unless specifically requested, will always be single cask, cask strength, single malt whiskies that free from chill-filtration.

Whisky_Wedding _Casks.JPG

Engraved Wedding Glasses

To compliment a one-of-a-kind whisky cask we also offer customised and engraved whisky glasses for the guests to enjoy their drams on the day and to keep as a fitting memento. The whisky glasses can be engraved with a choice of designs and with any message you require. They can also be supplied with gift boxes.